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Ethical Aspects of Breast Cancer Treatment (5371 Downloads)
Effect of Citalopram and Aspirin on Hot Flashes and Quality of Life in Premenopausal Women with Breast Cancer: A Randomized Double-blind Clinical Trial (5237 Downloads)
The Role of Microgravity in Cancer: A Dual-edge Sword (4059 Downloads)
Male Breast Cancer; A Review of Risk Factors and Clinical and Radiological Features (3741 Downloads)
Detection and Classification of Breast Cancer in Mammography Images Using Pattern Recognition Methods (3563 Downloads)
Cytotoxic Activity of the Root of Euphorbia Tehranica Ethanolic Extract Against Caco-2 Colorectal Cancer Cell Line (3443 Downloads)
FokI and BsmI Polymorphisms of the VDR Gene and Breast Cancer Risk (3363 Downloads)
Breast Cancer Coping Strategies after Diagnosis: A Six-month Follow-up (3352 Downloads)
Protective Effect of Encapsulated Nanocurcumin- PEGOA against Oxidative Damage on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Exposed to Hydroquinone as a Risk Factor for Leukemia (3300 Downloads)
Multidisciplinary Cancer Investigation: A New Path to Delve into the Ocean of Cancer Sciences (3178 Downloads)
Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans; Case Report of a Rare Tumor of the Breast (3039 Downloads)
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and Subtractive Clustering Algorithm (2948 Downloads)
Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy, the Next Step in Cancer Treatment (2907 Downloads)
Human Cancer Modeling: Recapitulating Tumor Heterogeneity Towards Personalized Medicine (2768 Downloads)
Molecular Identification, Isolation and Evaluation of Persian Gulf Actinomycetes as Candidates of Cytotoxic Metabolites Against Breast Cancer (2489 Downloads)
Anti-tumor Effects of Essential Oils of Red Clover and Ragweed on MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Line (2355 Downloads)
Cancer metastasis at a glance: A brief view of Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis (2348 Downloads)
Investigating the Factors Affecting the Mammographic Density of Breast Tissue in Patients Referred to the Breast Cancer Research Center, Iran (2209 Downloads)
Inhibitory Effect of Tricalcium Phosphate Sintered at Different Temperatures on Human Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7 (2175 Downloads)
A Case Report of a Metastatic Primary Gastric Lymphoma; Diffuse Large B-Cell or Burkitt Lymphoma? (2137 Downloads)
The Interaction Between the Expression of Proliferative Biomarkers and Clinical Characteristics in Breast Cancer (1941 Downloads)
The Applicability of the Gail Model in Iranian Population (1919 Downloads)
Building Trust Between Patients and Physicians (1902 Downloads)
The Prediction Number of New Cases and Death of Gastric Cancer Among Iranian Military Community During 2007-2019 (1866 Downloads)
Applying Two Computational Classification Methods to Predict the Risk of Breast Cancer: A Comparative Study (1829 Downloads)
Strategies and Clinical Applications of Next Generation Sequencing (1811 Downloads)
Study of Association Between TLR4 D299G and T399I Polymorphisms and Risk of Gastric Cancer (1806 Downloads)
The Effect of Omega Fatty Acids on Bcl-2 Gene Expression and Protein Production in Cancerous Gastric Tissue (1797 Downloads)
Diagnostic Utility of miRNAs in Cancer (1788 Downloads)
Study of Multiple Myeloma Occurrence in Patients With 5%-10% Bone Marrow Plasma Cells: A Case Series Regarding Revised IMWG Diagnostic Criteria (1765 Downloads)
The Comparison of Three Components of Breast Cancer in Females With Cancer and Healthy Ones: Coping Styles, Psychological Capital, and Patience (1722 Downloads)
Synthesis of New Coumarin-1,2,3-triazoleoxadiazole Hybrids as Anti-Cancer Agents (1664 Downloads)
Breast Cancer or a Rear Diagnosis (1663 Downloads)
A Critical Comparison Study on the pH-Sensitive Nanocomposites Based on Graphene-Grafted Chitosan for Cancer Theragnosis (1661 Downloads)
A hierarchical Convolutional Neural Network for Segmentation of Stroke Lesion in 3D Brain MRI (1634 Downloads)
Isolation and In Vitro Characterization of Breast Cancer Stem Cells From Breast Cancer Cell Lines (1611 Downloads)
Bovine Leukemia Virus Presence in Breast Tissue of Argentinian Females and Its Association With Cell Proliferation and Prognosis Markers (1554 Downloads)
Mothers and Sisters are the Most Effective Sources of Support in Coping with Disease in Patients with Breast Cancer (1547 Downloads)
Role of Suppressed Immunoglobulins in Outcome of Patients With Multiple Myeloma (1546 Downloads)
A survey on random walk-based stochastic modeling in eukaryotic cell migration with emphasis on its application in cancer (1535 Downloads)
Frequency of Symptoms in Patients With Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy, According to Gender and the Primary Site of the Cancer in Kashan, Iran, 2017 (1523 Downloads)
Survival and Recurrence in Non-melanoma Skin Cancers of scalp (1494 Downloads)
Examination of Metformin Effect on Breast Cancer Cell Migration (1463 Downloads)
1Hz 100mT Electromagnetic Field Induces Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells Through Up-Regulation of P38 and P21 (1439 Downloads)
Effect of Astaxanthin on cell viability in T-47D and MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cell Lines (1438 Downloads)
Applications of the CRISPR-Cas9 System in Generation of Model Cell Lines for Cancer Biology (1381 Downloads)
Metastatic Behavior of Breast Cancer Subtypes (1364 Downloads)
Bioinformatics-Based Prediction of FUT8 as a Therapeutic Target in Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer (1358 Downloads)
Overexpression of miR-34a and miR-16 Synergistically Promotes Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells (1324 Downloads)
The Effect of Patho-biological Factors on the Survival of Recurrent Breast Cancer Patients (1324 Downloads)
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